Kalysto came about after an engineering husband and an artistic wife decided they wanted to work on something creative and meaningful. Since 2015 we have been in production with our own industrial CNC laser cutting machine, welding and folding equipment. This means Kalysto offers everything from in-home consulting within the greater Sydney region, designs converted to CAD, parts cut, finished and installed all through us - no middle man, we are a one stop shop. Meaning you save money, time and worry because with Kalysto your dealing direct with an all in one personal design, manufacturing and installation team.

Based in western sydney, Kalysto Pty Ltd offers in-house design and CAD expertise, custom fabrication, a full range of finishes, and delivery and installation options; including on site delivery and installation, customer pickup and postage. 

 With our industrial CNC laser and folding equipment, Kalysto manufactures in steel, corten, stainless or acrylic and offers a full range powder coating options and colours for all projects. We work with both commercial and residential clients in designing, fabricating and the installation of bespoke projects and artworks

Creating custom indoor and outdoor decorative and functional pieces, privacy screens and panels, cafe barriers, wall art, signs, fire pits, garden ornaments and household pieces.

At Kalysto we specialise in the design and production of custom laser cut privacy screens. 

We offer a free intial consultation service, which includes free measure and estitmate.



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